Using Group By

You can group data of a selected Metric by following these steps:

In this example, we selected the Metrics Website Sessions and Unique Visitors, and the Segment Hubspot Contact.

  1. Click + group by.
  1. Click Select property to display the drop-down options.
  1. Select a property from the drop-down options. In this example, select browser_name. This will show us the data of Hubspot contacts (the Segment) that accessed the website in the last 30 days from a particular browser.
  1. After selecting browser_name, the top field appears below. By default, the top ten largest, or highest value, data points are displayed as a table on the right.

  2. Change the selection in the top drop-down options if you'd like to see a larger (top 20) or smaller (top 5) data set in the table.

  1. In the image below, we selected to display the data as a pie chart to illustrate the segments as a proportion of a whole.

Note: You can use the Group By feature only once.

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