User Management Table

The first user listed on the User Management table is always the current user, while the rest of the users list is sorted from the oldest member to the newest member.


Assigning Roles

There are four primary user Roles available: Owner, Admin, User, and Viewer.

OwnerThis role has the same permissions as an Admin, plus it's the only role that can delete and Admin user.
AdminThis role can access the User Management page to add and remove users. They can also add and remove integrated data sources.
UserThis role can only view reports and charts and also edit them. They cannot add or remove integrated data sources.
ViewerThis role can only view reports and charts but not edit them. They cannot add or remove integrated data sources.


There are three Statuses: Active, Inactive, and Pending.

ActiveActive users has access to your organization and the app.
InactiveInactive users are grayed out in the list to indicate that they do not have access to your organization.
PendingThis status displays when a user has not accepted the invite yet.

It is important to deactivate users that leave your organization promptly, in order to ensure that they no longer has access to the platform and your data.


It is important to maintain a high level of security for safe-guarding your data by asking your users to enable Multi-Factor Authentication or MFA.
There are two options for displaying a user's MFA status: Enabled and Disabled.

EnabledMulti-Factor Authentication was enabled by the user.
DisabledMulti-Factor Authentication was not enabled by the user.

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