Setting Time Filters

You can filter data of a particular Funnel Event by specifying a time dimension.

  1. Click + set time.
  1. A set time to field displays where you Select property.
  1. From the set time to drop-down list, select a property option. Options displayed depend on the funnel event selected.

    Note: To search for an option in a long list, type in a few characters of the property name and it will be populated in the menu so you can easily select it.

    In this example, we search for and select closedate.

  1. Click Run Report to load the selected data on the funnel bar on the right.
    The funnel bar now reflects the filtered data.

    If you select Funnel from the drop-down list to change chart types, the image below displays the same data as the image above.


Note: You can use the Set Time feature only once.

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