Using Filters

You can filter data of a selected Metric by following these steps.

  1. Click + filter to display a Filter By field where you Select property.
  1. From the Filter By drop-down list, select a preferred option. Options displayed are dependent on the connected data source and the selected metric. In this example, we select utm_source.
  1. Select an operator by clicking on the middle field to display drop-down options.
    The drop-down options in the middle and right fields are dependent on the property selected on the left field.
  1. In this example, we select the contains operator from the drop-down options and type the keyword google to select Google and google from the drop-down options in the right field.
    This will display all the instances in which the keyword google is included in any of the options, without being case-sensitive.
  1. Click Run Report to update the data on the funnel bar on the right.
    The funnel chart now displays only users which came to the website from the source Google and then transitioned through the funnel and became a Closed-Won Opportunity.

Filtering Two or More Properties

You can filter two or more properties to further sift through your data. You can use the Filter feature as many times as you want to refine your data.

Refer to a similar section, Filtering Two or More Properties, in the previous chapter of Exploring KPI.

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