Selecting an Attribution Model

Here at Dealtale we have several Attribution models that you can choose from, including single-touch and multi-touch attribution. The descriptions below will help you determine which model is appropriate for which scenario and what best suits your department or organization.

  1. Critical Path gives score to each touchpoint based on its relative importance on the customer journey. Touchpoints that are on the path of many customers will receive a high score, while those that are relatively less important will receive a lower score. This is a predictive model that lets the data determine the importance of each touchpoint in the revenue generation process. The calculation is based on a scientific statistical model called the Markov Chains Removal Effect. In essence, this multi-touch attribution model is based on machine learning and will assign incremental revenue to each touchpoint in a more sophisticated way that the other models.

  2. First Touch Attribution is a type of Single-Touch Attribution where 100% sales credit is allocated to the first page or activity that initially drove a visitor to engage with your brand. This model is usually used by marketing teams looking for driving traffic to their sites and what exactly is attracting people to their brand.

  3. Last Touch Attribution is a type of Single-Touch Attribution where 100% sales credit is allotted to the last page where your customers make their purchases since it is where the conversion happens. It is best for short sales cycles where you are trying to aim on what caused that conversion. It doesn't help you understand how a customer got there.

  4. Linear Touch Attribution is a type of Multi-Touch Attribution that gives 100% sales credit to every single touchpoint across a customer's journey. A disadvantage to this type of attribution is that you might not be disregarding any touchpoint in your evaluation, you are nowhere near to comprehending which touchpoint had the most effect on the customer to drive a sale.

  5. Ensemble is a U-shaped model which gives 40% to the first touchpoint, 20% to all touchpoints in-between and 40% to the last touchpoint. It helps you understand how a customer got to your site and what touchpoint caused the conversion.


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