A customer profile (also called consumer profile) is a list of interests, purchasing patterns, pain points, and demographic qualities of an organization’s clients. Building a customer profile can help you in creating great advertising campaigns that consequently boost your performance.

The Dealtale Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) is a tool to help you analyze who your customers are and identify the ideal customer journey that helps you arrive at your desired goal.

Building an ICP report is similar to creating an Attribution report. You start by defining an end goal and then create the specific events, or touchpoints, that you want to analyze their performance.

The ICP is a statistical test to see which events are correlated with achieving the result in the control group. For example, which events are more often associated with a conversion to an opportunity, or on the contrary, which events more often result in an unqualified lead.

Accessing the Ideal Customer Profile Page

To go to the ICP page, click Create on the left pane and select ICP from the pane that slides out on the right.


You are directed to the Ideal Customer Profile page.


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