Attribution Overview

Create and analyze Attribution reports.

Your customers can have numerous journey touchpoints with your brand before ever making a conversion, which would mean a purchase, a download, or a signup. You might have an idea what landing page your customers converted on, but it might be useful to know the sites and social media posts and content that influenced their decision to purchase. These touchpoint know-hows are advantageous in marketing budget allocation so you can amplify return on investment.

Your customers' long journey between the first touchpoint and the last touchpoint need not be difficult for marketers to gauge through the use of Attribution modeling, which are a set of rules for delegating credit to the various customer interaction/touchpoints within the conversion route.

Attribution can be categorized into Multi-Touch Attribution and Single-Touch Attribution.

Single-touch attribution gives full conversion credit to a single marketing touchpoint, such as the first or last touchpoint. Although a customer watched 15 ads before converting, single-touch attribution will pin down that one ad out of the 15 ads that warrants conversion credit.

While single-touch attribution only assigns credit to a single marketing touchpoint, multi-touch attribution takes into consideration the notion that every touchpoint has some role in driving a conversion.

Attributing the incremental revenue to each touchpoint along the journey helps marketers understand which of their activities drive the most revenue, which channels are more effective in comparison with others, and where to invest the next marketing dollar in order to generate the highest ROI.

Accessing the Attribution Page

Click Create on the left pane and select Attribution from the pane that slides out on the right.


You are directed to the Multi-Touch Attribution page.


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