Modifying an Alias

By default, the labels on your charts are pulled from the selections you have made from the Metric options in the middle pane. You can modify the label of your Metrics by using the Alias feature.


To modify an Alias, follow these steps.

  1. Click + alias (1) found below the selected Metric in the middle pane.

  2. In the alias field (2) that appears below, enter a preferred Alias (3). In this example, we enter "Event 3".

  3. Click Run Report above the chart on the right to load your selected data on the chart.

    Changes made are reflected on the funnel chart on the right pane, particularly in the data box that pops up when you hover your cursor over the chart (4) and on the funnel events label right beside the funnel chart (5).

    The image below shows a bar chart of the same data found in the funnel chart in the image above. Refer to Configuring Your Charts for instructions.

  1. If you want to save the created metric and graph, click the Save button (6) found in the upper right corner of the chart box.

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