Modifying Existing Charts

To edit existing charts from the Charts List, follow these steps.

  1. Click on the particular Chart on the Charts List that you want to edit. The charts are arranged according to chart creation from oldest to the more recent and the color of the charts depend on the type of chart.

IMPORTANT: As you can see, you can view and edit a chart that you have not created. It is recommended that you always SAVE AS another name if you open other charts and have made changes so you can preserve the original chart.

  1. You are directed to the Analysis page, in this example, the Funnel Analysis page, where you can edit or update the metrics, events, or properties of this particular analysis.
  1. Editing or updating the properties behind the chart will then reflect another set of data on the chart.
  1. Save the new chart. Refer to the Saving the New Chart to Your Dashboard section in Modifying Dashboards for instructions.

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