Interpreting the Results

This section will help us to interpret the results of the sample Ideal Customer Profile report as seen in the image below:


The different colored sections represent the events, or touchpoints, that we defined in the report to analyze their performance.


Each event displays the percentage of occurrence and association with the desired Opps (1) and undesired Unqualified Leads (2) in separate columns. A Difference bar in between them (3) tells us how big the difference is between the desired and undesired goals, which in essence represents a higher correlation to one of these goals.
The significance column shows the percentage statistical significance of each event correlation. The higher this percentage is, the more confident you can be with the data shown.


When expanding the event, we can see a list of Values (which we previously defined), in this case, the individual email titles that we sent out as part of the Email Campaigns.
We can learn from the data which emails are more successful at driving opportunity conversion and which are less successful and more associated with unqualified leads. This information provides a lot of insights to marketers on the tweaks that they may need to make to their activities and campaigns to make them perform better and lead to greater business outcomes.

In this example, 7.26% of the "LC brochure - thank you for downloading" emails were associated with a conversion to an opportunity with a statistical significance of 100%, and had 0% association with unqualified leads.


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