Interpreting the Results

This is how we interpret the results of the sample Ideal Customer Profile analysis we made as seen in the image below:


The sections, which are distinguished by color, are the events (touchpoints) previously selected to view.


Under each event or touchpoint, we look at two different segments. One is your ideal customers, which, in this example, is Deals (1), and the other is your control group of undesirable customers, which, in this example, is Unqualified (2).

A Difference bar (3) tells you which of the deals is the touchpoint more correlated to, whether qualified or unqualified.


The figures under these sections show how these events affect the selected goals.

The results indicate that Organic Search correlates more with qualified deals rather than with unqualified deals, with a 50% statistical significance, which is low.

Paid Search corresponds with qualified deals, which has an 89% significance.

The first Page Title in the image below corresponds to being qualified with a 99% significance.