Interpreting Results

This section will help us to interpret the results of the sample Customer Journey Report which is seen in the image below:


In the final visualization of the Customer Journey report, you can see the different paths taken by your users on their way to the end Goal which was defined. For example, the number of Sales Engagements, Website Visits, and Emails, which led to Closed-Won Opportunities.

Using the Drill Down Feature

Dealtale’s Journey Report now allows you to drill down several levels deeper as you analyze how your leads are progressing through the funnel.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have already created Journey Reports, you will need to EDIT each report and click Save & Run Report in order to access the new functionality described above.

Drilling Down Into the Event Details Screen

Hover over a journey path that you would like to investigate until you see the magnifying glass icon.

When you hover over each path, or a part of a path, you can see a summary line related to that particular event. For example, the number of Closed-Won Opportunities that originated from a Sales Engagement.


Click the magnifying glass icon to drill down into the Event Details pop-up window and see a detailed list which corresponds with that particular Event. For example, the names of the sales reps involved in a Sales Engagement path.


Drilling Down Into the Goal Details Screen

To continue from the last step of the previous section, hover your cursor over any row in the Event Details pop-up window and click over the info icon that appears on the right-hand edge.


The Goal Details window pops up and displays the corresponding goal results relevant to the selected row.


To further drill down into each goal detail, simply click the down-arrow (1) to expand each row. This opens the Goal Details - Drill Down area (2) for that specific goal detail.


Exporting the Data

You can export Goal Details data to a CSV file by clicking the 3 dots found on the top right corner of the Goal Details pop-up window, and, from the drop-down options, select either Basic View, which exports the Goal Details data, or Expanded View, which exports all the Goal Details - Drill Down rows.


Basic View CSV File


Expanded View CSV File

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