Using Group By

Split your data into one or more properties.

You can group data of a selected Metric by following these steps:

  1. Click + group by.

    Note: The + group by feature does not display when more than one Metrics are selected.

  1. Click Select property to display the drop-down options.
  1. Select a property from the drop-down options. In this example, we select browser_name. This will enable us to see the browsers from which users accessed the website, based on the data picked up by the Dealtale Javascript Pixel.
  1. By default, the top ten largest, or highest value, data points are displayed as a table on the right. Change the selection in the top drop-down options if you'd like to see a larger (top 20) or smaller (top 5) data set in the table.

    As you can see in the image above, the table on the right illustrates your data according to segments as a proportion of a whole.

    You can change the default table to an appropriate chart to represent the information from the drop-down options. In this example, we select the pie chart.


Note: You can use the Group By feature only once.

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