General Information

Dealtale is the first No-Code Data Exploration Platform.

At Dealtale, we understand the frustrations and limitations that using multiple, complex digital tools create. So, we built a platform that integrates and prepares data for analysis and provides teams with a super-simple UI to get immediate answers—without worrying about coding, data silos, legacy data structures, data science, or engineering.

Dealtale Mission

Our mission is to empower non-analysts to focus on boosting revenue performance and delivering business value with deep insights.

The Dealtale Story

Organizations thrive on data, but creating a data-driven culture takes significant resources and expertise. This is what we’re set out to solve.

Dealtale democratizes analytics and data science, so that any organization can grow effectively, based on insights rather than assumptions or best practices.

Our team of highly experienced and savvy data and engineering professionals saw that the problem today is not data abundance, but insight scarcity.

The problem is siloed data. Organizations work digitally, adopting numerous SaaS tools, each with its own set of analytics and reporting. But bringing all of this data together in a granular way to enable big-picture analysis pauses a challenge.

Dealtale solves this challenge. We collect, warehouse and let you analyze, monitor and optimize your business, so that you can become more efficient, faster—with data.​