Using Funnel Analysis

Analyze your marketing or customer journey funnels.

Another type of Analysis is the Funnel Analysis.

A funnel analysis is a technique of understanding the steps needed to achieve a result on a website and how many users traverse each of those steps. The set of steps is called a “funnel” because the usual form visualizing the flow of users is comparable to a funnel used in the kitchen or garage.

Funnel analysis includes charting and analyzing a chain of events that head towards a definite objective, such as the movement that begins with user engagement in a mobile device application and culminates in a sale on an eCommerce website.

Selecting a Funnel Event

To select a funnel event, follow these steps.

  1. Click Explore on the left pane and select Funnels from the New Analysis options pane that slides out on the right.
  1. Click Select an Event and select from the drop-down options that displays.

The image below shows available Funnel Events, which would depend on the data sources you are connected.

  1. In this example, we select three Funnel Events: Website Sessions (1), Website Form Submit (2), and Hubspot Contact (3).

Click Run Report (4) on the right to show the data on the graph (5), which indicates that there is a high number of customers at the start of the funnel, particularly in the first event, but drops at the end.

You can also present your data using the Funnel Chart. Just click on the Funnel Chart icon on the upper portion of the Graph box.


Selecting a Funnel Metric

To select a Funnel Metric, follow these steps.

  1. Click Select a Metric and select from the drop-down options that displays.

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