Using Funnel Analysis

Analyze your marketing or customer journey funnels.

The next type of analysis is the Funnel Analysis.

A funnel analysis is used to analyze the sequence of events leading up to a point of conversion. Marketers often use funnel analysis to identify key events along the customer journey and improve metrics like acquisition and conversion.

Our funnel analysis is built in a cohort manner, where the users in each funnel stage are also included in the previous stages, like in a waterfall. This will allow us to calculate what percentage of the users or "cohorts" progress from one stage to another, all the way from the top of the funnel to the end goal on the bottom.

Selecting a Funnel Event

To select a funnel event, follow these steps:

  1. Click Create on the left pane and select Funnel from the pane that slides out on the right.
  1. In the Funnel Analysis page, click on Select an Event and select from the drop-down options that displays.

    The image below shows available Funnel Events, depending on the data sources you connected to the platform.

  1. In this example, we select five Funnel Events: Website Sessions (1), Website Form Submit (2), Hubspot Email Events (3), Salesforce Opportunity (4), and Salesforce Opportunity (Closed-Won) (5).
  1. Click Run Report (6) on the right to show the data on the funnel bar (7), illustrating a high number of customers at the start of the funnel, particularly in the first event, but the number drops at the last event.

    You can also present your data by using the Funnel Chart. Click on the button found on the top left corner of the Chart/Graph box and select Funnel from the drop-down options.


Selecting a Funnel Metric

A Funnel Metric can be added as a datapoint that will displayed on the graph as a line. When we track the conversions from website visits to closed-won opportunities, like in this example, we can add a cost metric to help us understand the trend as we go down the funnel.

To select a Funnel Metric, follow these steps.

  1. Click on Select a Metric and select the preferred metric from the drop-down options that displays.
  2. In this example, we select Google Ads Ad Performance and Cost.
  3. Click Run Report to show the line representing the added funnel metric data.

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