Connecting to Your Data Sources

After adding the code to your website, you can now connect to your data sources.

  1. Log in to your Dealtale account.
  2. In your account work area, go to Sources found on the left pane.
  1. You are directed to the default Data Sources tab (1) on the right, where you will find the Available Data Sources section (2).
  1. Click the Add button on the preferred Marketing or Sales platform you want Dealtale to connect to and import its data.

    In this example, we connect to Facebook Pages.

  1. On the top of the page, click the Connect Account button.

    Notice that Facebook Pages is not in the Available Data Sources list below as it has already been selected to connect.

  1. In the prompt, click to continue to your Facebook Pages or you can log in to another account.
  1. In the dialog box that appears, select the page you want to connect to Dealtale and click Next.
  1. In the dialog box, use the sliders on the right to allow Dealtale to do all of the available options. Click Done.

    Important: Dealtale may not work properly if you turn off these options:

    • Show a list of Pages you manage
    • Access your Page and App insights
    • Read content posted on the Page
  1. A prompt informs you that you have now linked Dealtale to Facebook. Click OK.
  2. Select a page in the prompt and click OK.
  3. A prompt informs you that your page has been connected to Dealtale. Click OK.
  4. Back in the Data Sources page, the Connect Facebook Pages Account button is replaced by the Connected button and a Disconnect button appears beside it.

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